UFC. My Top 5 Fighters

I have not really had the chance to write a blog post on UFC before and I hope to get a few more posts up about this new sport that I have fallen in love with. So I thought it wise to start with my top 5 fighters.

5, BJ Penn – One of the original UFC legends. But that isn’t why he is in my top 5, his in my top 5 for knocking Matt Hughes out in 18 seconds!! I bloody hate Matt Hughes.

4, Anderson ‘Spider’ Silva – The man is one of the best fighters on the planet! Every time his in the octagon you expect something amazing to happen and 9 times out of 10 it does.

3, Dan ‘The Outlaw’ Hardy – The man is the best pre-fight talker (Even GSP said so) and most of the time he lives up to that talk. With his flashy red mohawk and pointy teeth gum-shield he knows how to get a crowd going. His not afraid to throw punches or receive them, making his fights some of the best!

2, Paul ‘Semtex’ Daley – Yes his not in UFC any more after that punch on Josh Koscheck (we all would of like to punch Josh Koscheck) which lead to Dana White sacking him! But he has the best left punch in the game, with some devastating knock outs! Some say it wont be long till UFC have to re-employ him if he carries on destroying opponents.

1, Brock Lesnar – What more can be said the man is a beast!!!


Razorlight……………… really?

Just a quick warning I am going to have a rant!


So I was being very intellectual, like I all ways am by reading *cough cough* The Sun *cough cough*.  I came across an old band (I say old, I really mean 7 years ago) that I used to love. They are know a Razorlight, you know that indie band from the “noughties”? Oh how I used to sing and dance along to their songs in my teens, being the rebel that I am not.

So any way when i saw an article on Razorlight I thought to myself “oooooooooo Razorlight, I thought they had split up” obviously happy that they had not. So what was this article going to be about? Maybe a third album? That I had wanted as a teenager after two stunning albums, or maybe a new tour so I would finally get the chance to see them live. To be fair I had the chance to see then live before at the V Festival 5 years back, but I was to busy raving to The Prodigy. Any way this had to be good news! Didn’t it?

No it was not good news!!! It seems Razorlight have some how gone and replaced three of the band members! Yes that 3/4 of the band!!!!!! How can you just replace THREE band members? Johnny Borrell’s ego it seems!! Any way that isn’t the problem, the problem is a lot smaller and some may say more trivial. The problem is with that amount of band members being replaced how can they still be called Razorlight? We all know the name Razorlight will sell more albums, no doubt about that. But change the name, your a new band!!!!

So that was my little rant of the day. That aside, I am really looking forward to listening to hopefully what will be “Razorlights” new material sometime this year.

Best mini golf shot EVER!!

I was looking for inspiration about what to restart my blog with, then out of no where this little gem appeared. Take a look, as I am sure you will click replay.

Back in the game!!

Right after what feels like years…………………. ok well maybe not years, but a hell of a long time. I am going to start BLOGGING AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

So keep your eyes open and your ears to the ground as I am back in the game!




Right tomorrow night / Thursday morning I am flying out to Valencia to meet up with my girlfriend who is studying out there. I must say that Ryanair was an amazing price for flights though, from London Stansted Airport return it has cost me £12 which is a bargain!!!!!

I cant say that I know alot about the city apart from it has a football team, that are playing Barcelona the weekend I am out there. But tickets are very expensive, at €65 for the cheapest ticket so I will have to give that a miss. But apart from that all I know is that it is a city in Spain.

So I have decided I would report back monday with what I have learnt about the city and what I recommend doing. If anyone has any tips that would be great. If you would like to keep up to date with my trip though add me on twitter where I will post photos and tweets from my trip.

Sunny spain (touch wood) here I come.

HIV – The Musical

Just came across this video by Ctrl.Alt.Shift “HIV – The Musical” which is a short film that has just been released. It is worth a watch as it’s very funny as well as informative about HIV. It stars Martin Freeman from the office. you can watch the full video here or watch it in two parts below. I hope you all enjoy this short film as much as me.

Part 1

Part 2

Spaghetti Western Orchestra, WOW!!

spaghetti Western Orchestra

I was watching Later Live with Jools Holland the other night, which is a live music show on the BBC. Up popped this band The Spaghetti Western Orchestra and WOW what a band. Im not one who is really into western films but this band makes me want to get out there and start watching these films. Watch this video you wont be disappointed.